Firmy (19)


    Oprócz zwykłych rodzajów ubezpieczeń, istnieją również ubezpieczenia niszowe, które są ukierunkowane na określone obszary życia lub poszczególne obiekty. Ubezpieczenie to cała branża, która reprezentuje wsparcie finansowe w przypadku ewentualnych incydentów. Bez względu na to, czy jest to ubezpieczenie na życie, czy na mieszkanie, albo nawet coś specjalnego, jak np. ubezpieczenie narzędzi zabytkowych. W tej kategorii znajdziesz firmy, które zajmują się ubezpieczeniem specjalnych branż lub rzeczy. Przeczytaj, o czym myślą inni lub zostaw swoją opinię!

    Więcej informacji o Inne Firmy

    Here are some examples of the types of situation specific insurances you might need to be clued up on:

    All-in-1 Insurance
    Outside Nice and Easy! Everything covered in one insurance, so you won’t have to keep thinking about it. Often people say that all-in-one insurance policies save you the trouble of being double insured for certain things. But does that really mean you pay less per month? Or are appearances deceiving? It can be tricky to have one and the same insurance policy that includes your car as well as your caravan and boat? Or are you better and cheaper off if you take out a separate insurance policy for your home insurance, resident content insurance and funeral insurance policy. To help with that choice, we make an overview of all the insurance companies with an all-in-one policy. Read experiences, opinions and reviews of your fellow customers, so you know what is covered in your policy.

    Life Insurance
    It’s likely you barely think about your passing away. Let alone made arrangements in case you perish. Still, you never know when it might happen. It’s possible you don’t even want to think about it, but if you buy a house or get a mortgage, there is no way around it. In that case, it is useful to know what you are in for. We made an overview of all the insurance companies that offer life insurance policies. We also created room for clients to leave their review. They give honest and reliable reviews with their experiences, opinions and complaints.

    Legal Insurance
    What's the best thing to do when looking for legal aid? That isn't always easy, and websites make by legal insurance companies are often unclear on what you can expect when you really need them. Is the service satisfactory or do you have to wait and wait some more? Here, you can read hands-on experiences from clients that dealth with a certain legal insurance company before you. Be prepared, and read all opinions, reviews and complaints.

    Indemnity insurance
    There are indemnity insurance companies for passengers and drivers. What’s the difference? We made an overview of all the insurance companies that offer indemnity insurance policies. Clients that went before you left a review with their experiences, opinions and complaints. They will tell you what is and isn’t covered in a certain policy, but also what to expect in terms of customer service. Is the cheapest really the best? What’s hidden in the small print? Let us know and leave your own review.

    Funeral Insurance
    When the time comes, you want to be well insured. That way, your family, friends and loved ones will not have to deal with immense costs. A death is awful enough as it is. You don’t want to have to deal with all the issues around it. Mourning is what is really important. You can save yourself and your loved ones some issues by taking out a funeral insurance. But which insurance company is the best? What is the difference? Which funeral insurance company provides the best support in these difficult times? Read experiences, opinions, reviews and complaints by clients that went before you and make your own decision.

    Student Insurance
    Which insurance company is best according to the tests? And why would you take out a student insurance in the first place? Find your way through the maze of insurance companies and read hands-on experiences by students who went before you. As a student, you’ll be temped to choose the cheapest insurance company. But is the cheapest policy really enough to cover you financially in time of need? We made an overview of all the insurance companies that offer a student insurance. Also we have created room for reviews and opinions by your fellow students. Feel free to leave your own!

    Liability Insurance
    Oops! You spilled coffee all over your computer at work? Or you opened the car door just a bit too hard, so your next door neighbour now has a pit in his car? Don’t panic! That’s what liability insurances are for. But which insurance company is the best? Which policy entails what and what are the costs? Does your insurance policy really cover every contingency or did the insurance company act difficult when you approached them after an accident? Make up your own opinion on where to go based on reviews and experiences by fellow clients. Of course you can also add your own review, whether is if positive or negative.